Cut Camp…

…is a collective of emcees, producers, DJs, instrumentalists, branders, bloggers, visual artists, engineers, and otherwise creative individuals. We reside in Indiana, have been featured all over the internet, have performed all over the place, and are some pretty cool cats.


Within all of us, we are part of the following groups and affiliations:
Beats & Breakfast
Breakdown Kings
Bringing Down The Band (BDTB)
Hinx Jones
Pork & Beans Brass Band
Strong Roots Records
Sweet Poison Victim
The Proforms

Being said, if you’ve browsed around the above pages you probably have a good grasp of who we are and what we do, but below you can check out a little introduction video we did when we launched. Also, below that, you can check out sampler that was put together that has a bunch of songs from Cut Camp artists. The mix was put together by DJ Spoolz and DJ Jay Diff. Dig dug.