Scoot Dubbs

Scoot Dubbs x NBI

I am a lover of all mediums of art. I appreciate the people that take the time to craft their artistry to a point of mastery. With everything that I do, I try and do to the best of my ability; music is no different.

I have been a lover of Hip Hop since I was a child, but not until later in life did I begin to actively pursue this avenue as an artistic outlet. Being that I didn’t grow up in one location my entire life, I feel that it has given me the opportunity to see and digest a lot more than most, which has largely in part informed the subject matter in my lyrics.

Head nodding rhythms, smooth jazzy melodies, fat drums, and layers upon layers of sound is where I reside in the music. As a player of music as well as an Emcee, I feel this has only broadened my scope of what this medium, Hip Hop, can be. Basically I’m a sound junky and her voice is my fix.

Solo Projects

Scoot Dubbs “It’s Not So Bad” (2010)
Scoot Dubbs “The Time Has Come EP” (2011)
Scoot Dubbs x Dj Spoolz The Difference Between Night & Day” (2013)

Featured On
Audio Recon “The Courage To Be An Absolute Nobody, An Ode to JD Salinger” (2010)
Lorax “Random Acts Of Hip Hop” (2011)
J. Brookinz & Grey Granite “Gateway 2″ (2011)
Tony Styxx x LONEgevity “It’s Bigger Than Me” (2011)

Live Footage
Live @ Locals Only “Like That”

Live @ Melody Inn – Part 1 (2010)

Live @ Melody Inn – Part 2 (2010)

Live @ Melody Inn – Part 3 (2010)

Twitter: @ScootDubbs